Clinton vs Trump

What kind of music
do voters listen to?

Hillary Clinton

We analysed social media to find the music most liked by Clinton voters

Music in Brands analyzed social media to find out what genres are most popular among Hillary Clinton supporters. We found that Clinton voters have a diverse taste in music varying from Hip hop to Rock.

When we analyze the most popular genres, we find that the most important genres are Hip hop, R&B, Pop, Dance, and Rock. In Hip hop clinton supporters like general Hiphop, Alternative Hip Hop, Crunk and Southern Hiphop. For dancemusic preference is mostly Dance pop. In rockmusic Clinton voters are more likely to listen to Alternative Rock but also other subgenres of Rock including Pop Rock, Folk Rock and Roots Rock. Rap include Dirty south Rap, Pop Rap and Gangster Rap. Checkout our Clinton voters playlist on Spotify below.

Spotify playlist for Hillary Clinton voters

Donald Trump

We analyzed social media to find the music most liked by Trump voters

We performed another social media scan to find social interactions between artists and Trump supporters and found that Trump supporters are more likely to listen to the genres Country and Rock. Follow up genres that are less popular with Trump supporters are R&B and Dance. Trump voters like general rockmusic but also subgenres of rock including Album Rock, Pop Rock, Classic rock, Mellow gold, Folk rock and Glam rock. In country they like general Country, Country rock, Country road and Contemporary country. Checkout our Trump voters playlist on Spotify below.

Spotify playlist for Donald Trump voters


How did we generate this data?


To achieve these results we implemented our social media scanner Brandscan. Brandscan selects the top artists in over 1300 genres finding more then 50.000 artistprofiles. These artistprofiles are measured against the target brand in this case Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump by measuring common social interactions on social media platforms. The more common interactions after statistical adjustment for a specific genre the higher that genre will be on the popularitylist.

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